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Real Estate vine is a free Canadian-based online real estate community servicing home buyers & sellers, real estate professionals, and other individuals or businesses within the real estate industry.

For buyers and sellers: Our mission is to help people find homes and sell homes by connecting with others.

For real estate professionals: Real Estate Vine offers you a free, great way to promote yourself and your listings.

For real estate websites: If you run a Canadian real estate website with property listings, you can gain exposure to your services and listings through syndication. See "Where do the listings come from?" below for more information.

What does it cost?

It's free. Real Estate Vine displays property listings and other information free of charge.

How do you make money?

Real Estate Vine derives funding primarily through the advertising of related services.

Where do the listings come from?

The property listings are syndicated and compiled through online sources. Syndication means that we display the primary information about a property, but in many cases, to get the full details on it (including contact information and more photos), you need to visit the original source through the links provided.

When a website is syndicated, it receives additional exposure to its listings and to other services which it offers because of the increase in traffic.

In addition to this, we promote syndicated websites to visitors in our "Post your listings" section. For example, if someone is wanting to sell their home in Toronto, we suggest websites which we syndicate in that area.

Are you interested in getting your website's listings syndicated? Please contact us below.

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